Factory Built Housing has really come into it’s own lately – people are realizing that building a new home in a factory is a very green and economical way to build. Instead of having all of the building materials out in the rain, snow, and other weather conditions, the homes are built in a controlled environment by a skilled labor force that is on-site every day.

There are different types of manufactured homes – modular homes are built on and off frame (a frame being the metal component that the wheels are attached to so it can be delivered to the building site) and are built to the building codes of the city and state where the home will be located. “HUD code” homes are built to the national HUD code and are inspected and built to these national specifications.

A great place to learn more is The Manufactured Housing Institute. They are the voice for the manufactured housing industry and a wealth of information about all types of factory built housing.

Lifestylist TV is a great resource of videos featuring information on various retailer, manufactured and communities featuring factory built homes. For ideas on how you can decorate and entertain in your new manufactured home, visit our Trailer Diva site.